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Take a Break Magazine!!!!

Well, its been nearly a month since Secret Demon 2 was published, and what a process and prcession it is to get a book out there into the world. Did you know that Amazon, which is where you can buy my book, now has six and a half million books on its shelves, to to sell a book nowdays is a real feat in its self. Take a Break Magazine is doing a lovely feature on me in the July issue, which comes out at the middle of June, followed by Chat Magazine, and Daisy the Donkey, my new book is being edited as we speak.

No time to take a break, writing another new book all about my wonderful character who appeared in the very first book Secret Demon, Thomas Jones and Danny Dyer are having another episode chasing down demons who are threatening to rule the world!!!!!!!! loving the research and writing it, and whats next??? I am asked, well Jeff Jones Author, has already edited book 3 for me, so I;ll be putting that one to bed very soon, ready for its release,then I have to tidy book 4 – Daisy and book 4 run beside one another, lovely stuff, and the brain is still going. Got some new ideas about other books I want to write, and the cook book I am putting together!! just pulling out all the old recipes I have used through the years in my resturants and pubs, so that should be something I can do later this year!!!

Its still all going on, and the main thing I find, is to try and do a little every day!!! it keeps the flow going, and your mind busy, because thats what writers minds are busy!!!!!

Rosie from Birmingham, thank you so much, glad you enjoyed Secret Demon 2, I know sometimes its hard, but please let me reassure you, your pain will ease, and I am sure your husband is with you, smelling his aftershave is quite a normal sign from the spirit world he is around you and keeping a loving eye on you, thank you for getting in touch Blessings to allxx

Here she is

Here she is


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Exciting week!!!

Well what can I say, my beautiful book is born, winging its way around amazon and goodness knows where else, and am I proud, you bet!!! has it been worth it,….. I am asked, well, when I pick it up and feel it in my hand, look at the beautiful cover, I can hardly believe I wrote it!! its almost as if it is a dream. Radio Bristol Steve Yabsley is amazing, and i had a lovely interesting chat on air for half an hour, he was absolutely lovely, and loved my book, how amazing is that, thank you to all of you who have been sending me your pictures of you reading my book, its very humbling!! I thank you all, and still a couple of interviews left to do!! very exciting times, and so pleased its being well received.

Shedding a tear or two at the moment,!!! Daisy the Donkey is nearly finished, book 3 is ready to publish, and book 4 just needs a little tweak!!, then!!!! on we go again, happy days.

I recently had contact with a young man in spirit world who had taken his own life, thankfully I managed to pass on a message to a very special person in his life, he wanted to thank him for being in his. and trying to help him, its always lovely when I can pass a special message on, he’s now gone to the light, and will be at peace. Blessings to you all.

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Secret Demon 2 is now being released on 14th March, its available for pre- order on Amazon, and is selling well. Phew!!!!!!!!! we got there in the end thank goodness. The book is beautiful, thank you Mirador, what a lovely job, what does it feel like holding your book in your hands? I am often asked, well, when I first received book one I was reduced to tears, it was so emotional, five roller coaster years of ups and downs, suddenly in your hands, what a feeling!!! I will never forget it. Book 2, well, its pride that’s risng now, remember I told you all in an earlier blog, that 97% of authors never actually finish their work, just think about all those books that were meant to be, but will never be read by anyone, I often do, its one of the thoughts that keeps me going!! so what now???? you ask, well now I can relax a little. I have radio interviews lined up, my book blog tour started today, A local paper has asked to interview me, I am going to be interviewed by a national magazine, Facebook is doing nicely and I have some twittering to do, so yes I am busy, but the hardest part, getting the book published is done. I was on holiday recently, and managed to finish off the guts of another book, its an offshoot actually, so I am now putting it onto the computer from the written work, it should take about 6 weeks, and then there is book 3, all edited, just my tweaking to do, and shes ready for publishing. The other thing I constantly think about, is all the other stuff I want to write about!! I am already making notes for me to follow when this series is finished, trying to give me another focus to move in a different direction, and I have to say!!!! I like what i am thinking about!! so still plenty to do, if you have read or intend to read Secret Demon 1 & 2, enjoy!!!!!!!!!! there is still loads more to come……..

Julie from Worcester… it was lovely meeting you in Mexico, thank you for your lovely comments about the book, so glad I could help you, please let me know how you get on at the spiritualist church, I am very interested Blessingsxxxx

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They say an authors work is never done!!!! well never a more true word said. You see, just because you have a publishing contract, or you have self published, books just don’t sell on their own YOU!!!have to contribute some work to get your little beauty noticed, in this massive world wide book store, so! how do you do that? I am often asked. Well there are the now new and recognised selling posts “facebook, Instagramme, and twitter ) but it is really time now for an author to think outside of the box.

When Secret Demon was first published, I went along with the norm, twittering, ( which I hate actually!!) and facebook, which has given me some fabulous sales, Instagramme, I am still not sure about, but as we speak I am investigating this new way of getting my book out into the big wide world. But you know, something I have learned, as we approach my second release is this WORD OF MOUTH IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES THAT’S RIGHT, word of mouth is everything, if someone loves your work, they tell other people. In fact they do the selling job for you, but still behind all of this, there is still more work. Let me explain.

Book bloggers will do a lot of work for you, but they have to be the right ones! they will help pave the way for readers to access Amazon or bookshops, browse, and get the readers interested, so find some, send them a freebie get them on board, book blogging tours, ( will be doing one soon ) didn’t even know what this was until recently,
Have you thought of turning your book into an audio book, I have, and Secret Demon one and two are both as we speak being recorded. Local Radio stations love local authors, get in touch and tell them about you! Newspapers and magazines – offer to write a piece about your book, or yourself it all adds up to that very interesting word ADVERTISING!

You see, something I have learned from writing my first book, is!! that you have to help yourself, books just don’t sell on their own, when you are a first time, or unknown author like me, and trust me, I really want my lovely books to sell, so I am getting it out there, asking for help, and doing whatever it takes to get them noticed, what are you doing?

Lynda!! thank you for getting in touch, glad I could help heal your pain, lovely memories will always be with you, just remember the good times, look forward now to your new life. blessings.

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Last minute pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my giddy aunt!! the final final draft is here, its sat in front of me, I am reading it through, it reads beautifully, I am thanking the lord above, and that magician Jeff Jones for all the work he has done on this little beauty, which is about to make her debut in the next few weeks, when suddenly!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a mistake, no, it couldnt be, please lord, no, not a mistake at this late stage, I burst into tears, screaming and stamping around the office, How could i have been so stupid, I bash my self up, and fall into a heap, after 12 months of hard work, this bloody stupid mistake could set every thing back, panic sets in!! what do I do now? I am asking myself, god I’ve ruined everything,! I chastise myself, when someone tells me to get a grip, a good one, and stop behaving like a child. OK!!!!!!!! so what I have made a mistake, go on then put it right!! NO I CANT!!! I react, my confidence bleeding out of my skin like perspiration, “For christ’s sake deal with it!” I hear out loud as an angel steps in front of me shakes me back into reality! “you have already written six books”, he reminds me “of course you can deal with it, now get on and do it!” he tells me. I come back into reality, and re read what I think is the problem. Take a deep breath and rethink the whole thing. I find the paragraphs that are missing, god only knows how that happened, but at least I found them and started knitting them back together. Two wobbly days later, its done, and it reads beautifully, the little thread that I dropped, has been picked up and weaved back into the story line, and at last I can breathe!! it just goes to show, no matter how hard you prepare for the finale, something could always crop up, and blimey!! did it ever this time. Thank you lord for shaking me back into the real world and dealing with it, even when at one point I didnt think I could, but this world of writing is with me now, and I have to deal with everything it throws at you, the ups and downs, ins and outs!!! if and when you can deal with it, you are making progress!! and perhaps I can now think I am in this hard hitting world of books and publishing?

Dear Dereck!!!! thank you so much for getting back in touch!! I am so glad I could help and point you in the right direction, keep in touch now, you know where I am, bless you love for having the strength to listen and help yourself, you will be fine, blessings.xx

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