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Mental Health!!!!

I was recently asked by someone, how I actually managed to continue writing, look after my grandchildren and deal with everything else that happens in my little world without having a nervous breakdown. I have been approached by so many writers who tell me they suffer from depression when things go wrong when the little voice in their head that helps them with their inspiration suddenly and for absolutely no reason just stops talking to them. I feel their pain and understand absolutely what they are going through because you see, it also at times happens to me.

So what as an author, budding debut author, or even student what can you do you look after yourself, and re create your enthusiasm and get the old sparkle and that helpful voice chirping away again. Well over the last 4 years, I have at times had to stop and take a look myself, and ask myself am I looking after me!!!!!!!!!!! When depression strikes, as it can and it does with thousands of us who look to the life of taking up the creative pencil, I have questioned am I looking after MY!! mental health, feeding my body and my brain good things, foods, supplements just to help keep the brain cells sparking and keep alive!! and quite frankly when I looked at myself I was shocked. So what did I do??? I hear you all ask. Well I stopped drinking so much coffee, and upped my water intake,looked at some good supplements, I am now taking Turmeric, it helps with my arthritic hands, I am now eating really sensibly cutting out as much sugar as possible, which has actually been amazing!! I have to say, I drink liquid chlorofil and once a week I meditate just to try and connect with my own little inner me, and of course sleep!! thats one of the biggies, writers and artistic people all seem to lack sleep, since changing a few things around, mine has got better

Its not easy when your life is so stressed, and everyone is pulling you in the opposite direction, but if at my old age, I can put some zing back in this old arthritic body, and get the brain cells sparking again, so can you, and!! you wont regret it.

Hi Abbey, it was lovely meeting you last week and signing your two books of mine, I cant wait to attend the Reki course with you in three weeks time, I promise you it will be wonderful, and as discussed, will help you improve your spiritual gifts, and guide you to use them better.

Until later


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Getting going again!!!

Well it’s been a long and somewhat turbulent summer, we were sweltering early on, and now autumn has arrived without warning. Remember in an earlier post, I described myself as a seasonal writer, well it’s proved itself to be true. I have struggled to put pen to paper while the sun shone, preferring to sit out in the warm summer sun, soaking up all the free vitamin D3 I could, lazy, well, umm now let me think, not really, I am writing so much, I decided that it was a little writers holiday, so I concentrated on the new radio shows for Trakzuk internet radio, and they are going incredibly well!!! but! the air in the evening is chilling and for the first time I have wanted to put pen to paper, and so once again, I’m off.

I am on book 6, it’s an offshoot of books three and four, haven’t even got a title for it yet, but it is nearly finished, and I am loving it. I had to do lots of research for this one, and I absolutely loved doing that, so off we go again, you see, a writers brain never really stops because it is so fizzy, but sometimes a little holiday, doing other things is the perfect antidote for rest and relaxation, filling back up and getting ready to go again, without actually really stoppping.

Lizzie from Southampton, thank you for your lovely comments on Secret Demon, glad you have read and enjoyed both books. I am so sure your late husband is with you, just looking after you, please don’t worry about your dreams, and it is very common for the scent of a deceased loved one to meander back, just to let you know they are around and thinking of you. Until next time blessingsxxxx

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Its July already!!!!!!

Well now its July, and the months are just flying by!!!! I always find that once the sun comes out its harder to write, I just want to sit in the sun and relax and listen to music it calms me, but what I do, is to think, and scribble anything that comes into my head, think about the plot lines in the book, and how I can sew them together, and bring them all finishing at the end, so the story line runs true.

Working on my new book, I haven’t even got a title for it yet, but I know where its going, and how its going to end up, I have loved researching all about lear jets, the secret societies and money families that rule the world, and most of all about the Vatican.

Books one and two are doing nicely, and I have just finished the points of edit on book three my editor asked me to do, and once its had its final proof read, its ready for the publisher, Daisy the Donkey I am so proud of, its finished and once proof read, is also ready for the publisher, and book four just needs one last chapter, as it ties in with the new book I am writing now!!

Well I feel like I have been doing nothing, but I have slowly plodded on, all the while, learning how to produce a little radio show. I have been lucky enough to be have been offered my own show with internet radio, who broad casts all over the world, and I am training and putting it all together now. Sorry its a slow process, but when you are dislexic like me, it takes a little longer.

New interview in Chat magazine soon, so!!!! still busy and buzzing!!! so proud to have had front page and a two page spread in take a break magazine, very humbling.

Jennifer!!! from Weston Super Mare, thank you for getting in touch, glad everything has settled down now, spirit sometimes need to be put in there place, especially if you are allowing them to share your house with them, I am just around the corner, any more problems don’t hesitate to contact, that’s all for now, Blessings xx

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Take a Break Magazine!!!!

Well, its been nearly a month since Secret Demon 2 was published, and what a process and prcession it is to get a book out there into the world. Did you know that Amazon, which is where you can buy my book, now has six and a half million books on its shelves, to to sell a book nowdays is a real feat in its self. Take a Break Magazine is doing a lovely feature on me in the July issue, which comes out at the middle of June, followed by Chat Magazine, and Daisy the Donkey, my new book is being edited as we speak.

No time to take a break, writing another new book all about my wonderful character who appeared in the very first book Secret Demon, Thomas Jones and Danny Dyer are having another episode chasing down demons who are threatening to rule the world!!!!!!!! loving the research and writing it, and whats next??? I am asked, well Jeff Jones Author, has already edited book 3 for me, so I;ll be putting that one to bed very soon, ready for its release,then I have to tidy book 4 – Daisy and book 4 run beside one another, lovely stuff, and the brain is still going. Got some new ideas about other books I want to write, and the cook book I am putting together!! just pulling out all the old recipes I have used through the years in my resturants and pubs, so that should be something I can do later this year!!!

Its still all going on, and the main thing I find, is to try and do a little every day!!! it keeps the flow going, and your mind busy, because thats what writers minds are busy!!!!!

Rosie from Birmingham, thank you so much, glad you enjoyed Secret Demon 2, I know sometimes its hard, but please let me reassure you, your pain will ease, and I am sure your husband is with you, smelling his aftershave is quite a normal sign from the spirit world he is around you and keeping a loving eye on you, thank you for getting in touch Blessings to allxx

Here she is

Here she is


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Exciting week!!!

Well what can I say, my beautiful book is born, winging its way around amazon and goodness knows where else, and am I proud, you bet!!! has it been worth it,….. I am asked, well, when I pick it up and feel it in my hand, look at the beautiful cover, I can hardly believe I wrote it!! its almost as if it is a dream. Radio Bristol Steve Yabsley is amazing, and i had a lovely interesting chat on air for half an hour, he was absolutely lovely, and loved my book, how amazing is that, thank you to all of you who have been sending me your pictures of you reading my book, its very humbling!! I thank you all, and still a couple of interviews left to do!! very exciting times, and so pleased its being well received.

Shedding a tear or two at the moment,!!! Daisy the Donkey is nearly finished, book 3 is ready to publish, and book 4 just needs a little tweak!!, then!!!! on we go again, happy days.

I recently had contact with a young man in spirit world who had taken his own life, thankfully I managed to pass on a message to a very special person in his life, he wanted to thank him for being in his. and trying to help him, its always lovely when I can pass a special message on, he’s now gone to the light, and will be at peace. Blessings to you all.

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