How surreal it is to finally finish a book,! in between all this crap that’s been happening in this world over the last year, we all still have had to survive, carry on, love, live, be mothers, fathers, teachers, nurses, doctors, and all and every one of us, no matter who we are or what we do have in some way, shape or form been affected in some way by this bloody virus.

We authors can’t stop though can we!! yes, we do get bogged down, stuck, covered with treacle, get depressed, live in no no land, and yet, we are a resilient bunch. How about you?

I am always in awe of all you brilliant writers who can sit and write directly onto computers, I wish I could do that, unfortunately, it’s the old way for me. writing longhand enduring hours, getting it onto the laptop.

I’m recovering from a shock of being very stupid!!! I admit, what made me doubt, why was I so silly I got sucked into a paying for a course, I could not use, I was convinced, the emails were amazing, top ten books with this course, you can do it, everyone else is, read this, read that!!!


Yes, I was sucked in and am now literally paying the price, I really must try and start up some sort of free advice line for authors so you all don’t get sucked in like me!!!

It’s the pain of being lied to and not trusting your senses, and guess what, when I realized that this course was not for me I contacted and asked to be released!! – the inevitable answer NO! we want your money!!! haha

I am sitting here again in awe of my achievement, little old me, just finished another book, and very pleased I am too!! It’s the prequel to my very first book Secret Demon, Daddy will be pleased, it’s his and his father’s life story!

So!!! I feel great, but poorer from my nasty experience, silly me, let’s try and get some semblance to balance the outcome, I will try I promise, please, please do not doubt your senses!!!! they are there to guide you, try to listen and not go offline like I did, it will only cost you money!!

Love and blessings until the next time x

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Digging in Deep!!!!

Well, happy new year to all you lovely authors out there all over the world! it’s now 2021, and the bombardment has begun!!

Join this group!!! buy this amazing course which will get your book to the top ten, it’s only 500 dollars, take this other course it’s better, listen to this advice, day after day after day, grinding us down, making us feel belittled like we don’t know what we are doing, adjust this, sort out your landing page, amazon, amazon, amazon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to scream!!!!!!

Right then listen to me!! I am a later years writer, I have no formal educational qualifications, and I am rubbish with the computer because I am also dyslexic.

So, after being bombarded by a certain individual who is obviously minted, and speaks all the time about the money he is earning because his course makes non- descript authors like me get their book to the top, giving loads and loads of well known, hi hitting testimonials from very well known authors I succumbed, and signed up to a course to help me with my marketing, because I really know we need to market our books well, and without it, we get nowhere.

Now I really get this, and I have been digging in deep trying to understand where I actually am in this vast world of authorship. I know my books are not a number one seller, but that’s not because they are not good, they are!!!!! based on a true story, I also get that this is not the sort of book everyone wants to read, but there are sixty million readers plus out there in this big wide world, and nothing lands in your lap, you have to work to make your book noticed, that is unless you are a celebrity!! and well that’s a different story!

to be continued!! want to hear more about my disastrous course!! contact, let me know your stories, been ripped off!! many many authors like me have and connected with me, perhaps this is the time to put something together to help us all, I would love to!!

Collette!! from Devon!!! it was lovely reading for you, and I know you will be reading this.

keep in touch! we will get your clairvoyance going really soon through Reiki

Love and blessings to you all xx until next time

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Here’s to 2021 love and best wishes to you all xx

Getting ready for the next edition, with the lovely Ziggy!!

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Spiders Webb!!!!!!

You know sometimes as an inexperienced author you can get bogged down, I really know that feeling!

It feels sticky, almost stuck! just like some insect trapped in glue, in a spiders webb, tooing and froing, trying to escape, one step forwards five steps back not really going anywhere, hanging in mid-air, mind and worry awash with thoughts, that are nothing to do with your writing, it all just gets in the way, and there you are like a little fly stuck in a spiders web!!

What to do?????? I hear you ask, I say the very same thing myself?

Well!!!! it’s now December, almost Christmas Day!!! its hectic, so much to do, Covid has changed this years Christmas for everyone, and we are all scurrying around like little ants trying to sort out and pretend we are all going to have a normal Christmas, but alas we are not, forget this year, and start again for the next, it’s all we can do, or is it???

Now then set yourself a little challenge, if I can do it, of course, so can you.

Sit down at your computer every day at an allotted time, and keep to it.

Write, anything!!!!!!!! anything that comes into your mind, scribble scrap, RUBBISH!!!! JUST DO IT!!!

Getting back into the rhythm of writing will bring you back into flow, and bring your mind back to the very important job at hand, and don’t Worry!!!!!!! it might take a week, 2 or even 3 weeks to get back your beautiful writing mojo, and trust me I’ve tried this and it works, you also have to BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don’t believe in you then no one else will, and your mind will soon adjust and bring you back into the now.

And as for Christmas 2020 well!!!!!!! let start again in 2021, do what you can to keep you and yours safe, I look forward to seeing you all on the other side.

With love and blessings to you, and here’s to thousands of new and beautiful books!!!


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Beautiful Daisy!!!

Well, they say an authors work is never done, or is it, I often ask myself. My head and mind is constantly whirling, this new era we are now living in is in it’s self History, and in twenty years time, we will be teaching this to our children, I really hope everyone who is reading this is safe and love to all of you and your families.

Well the Lockdown certainly got the flow going again, and my beautiful Daisy the Donkey will soon be here, the cover designed by Mirador is fantastic, thank you to all the elves there down in deep somerset that have achieved a little beauty, thank you!!

I am on a journey, it’s a soul journey, never really knowing what is going to happen each day, but you know what I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m not rich, (yet!!!) I tell myself, but I am rich in all the new knowledge flowing into my brain, and at my age, it really hurts!! Daisy is a great book, I think, no I know I have done her justice, and she will soon be trotting onto the market, just like she did, trotting down the road to Gory in her shiny new shoes in all her glory!! he he, part of her opening poem, and the book is all about her life as a lovely working donkey, from the moment of her birth, talking about all the lovely things that happened in her life, her encounter with the famous Legend!! and the result, her lovely foal Dandy, the Gypsy trotting races and much much more!! so I hope you will enjoy the read, it’s well worth it.

You know,I have so many people say to me I could never write a book, well you know I always thought that, but look at me know, goodness there will be at least, seven books if not more, and you know absolutely everyone has a book in them, a story to tell, that someone somewhere will want to read, all you have to do is get started just like me. Feel free to contact, I love reading you emails, and if you have tried to contact before and not got an answer, try again, the site was hit with a hack, but I’m back now, perhaps I should start up a new and emerging author group, if you would like to be part of that let me know, I’m here waiting!!!

Sally from Birmingham, thank you so much for buying all three books!!!! goodness, thank you , and I am so glad it had reached out to you to make you realise that yes you too are physic!! well done you, it was lovely being with you, I look forward to hearing all about your new journey with the angels, and I have to say, they have been waiting an awful long time!!!

Love and blessings to you all, stay safe xxxx

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