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Beautiful Daisy!!!

Well, they say an authors work is never done, or is it, I often ask myself. My head and mind is constantly whirling, this new era we are now living in is in it’s self History, and in twenty years time, we will be teaching this to our children, I really hope everyone who is reading this is safe and love to all of you and your families.

Well the Lockdown certainly got the flow going again, and my beautiful Daisy the Donkey will soon be here, the cover designed by Mirador is fantastic, thank you to all the elves there down in deep somerset that have achieved a little beauty, thank you!!

I am on a journey, it’s a soul journey, never really knowing what is going to happen each day, but you know what I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m not rich, (yet!!!) I tell myself, but I am rich in all the new knowledge flowing into my brain, and at my age, it really hurts!! Daisy is a great book, I think, no I know I have done her justice, and she will soon be trotting onto the market, just like she did, trotting down the road to Gory in her shiny new shoes in all her glory!! he he, part of her opening poem, and the book is all about her life as a lovely working donkey, from the moment of her birth, talking about all the lovely things that happened in her life, her encounter with the famous Legend!! and the result, her lovely foal Dandy, the Gypsy trotting races and much much more!! so I hope you will enjoy the read, it’s well worth it.

You know,I have so many people say to me I could never write a book, well you know I always thought that, but look at me know, goodness there will be at least, seven books if not more, and you know absolutely everyone has a book in them, a story to tell, that someone somewhere will want to read, all you have to do is get started just like me. Feel free to contact, I love reading you emails, and if you have tried to contact before and not got an answer, try again, the site was hit with a hack, but I’m back now, perhaps I should start up a new and emerging author group, if you would like to be part of that let me know, I’m here waiting!!!

Sally from Birmingham, thank you so much for buying all three books!!!! goodness, thank you , and I am so glad it had reached out to you to make you realise that yes you too are physic!! well done you, it was lovely being with you, I look forward to hearing all about your new journey with the angels, and I have to say, they have been waiting an awful long time!!!

Love and blessings to you all, stay safe xxxx

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Secret Demon 3

new secret demon 3 coverWhy is it that I struggle so hard to write in nice warm weather, it seems to slow me up, all I want to do is sit in the sunshine and feel a warm breeze around me, and watch the
wonderful swifts which at this time of year, here in Weston Super Mare, fill the sky like little screaming arrows. I have just sent off Book three to the publishers, all hell will let loose in a couple of weeks, and I will have to concentrate harder than ever to get it all completed and ready to be published, but I am tired, being pulled so many ways, so much to do at times I feel like my head is spinning, and I bet you authors out there reading this at some point have felt like this.

But you know the pull of the pen, never really goes away, there are dark slow times when a foggy brain just won’t come to life and worry sets in, anguish rises, doubts and stress fill our head as we constantly have to tell ourselves not to be silly, carry on, it will be ok, only for the beautiful river of the mind, to suddenly flow over the top of the gates which were holding it back, and deluge the brain, kickstarting the whole process off once again, bring beautiful new thoughts, ideas, characters, storylines and everything else that makes up your wonderful creation.

It sometimes feels like a constant circle, a waterwheel we walk on, in and out of darkness, tipping our toes in the water, only to be refreshed, given pure oxygen to continue this cycle which has become our life.

And its the same with me, I know I write better in the colder months of the year, warm weather is a struggle for me, so to actually get this new book sorted, edited and off to the publisher is a great relief, not without some help mind you!!! I never forget those who do so much for me.

And when this little episode is done, the next book is already edited, working on the new cover right now, but, I bet you anything, that one won’t go until the Autumn when the weather will turn chilly and my mind can refocus!!! well, all you have to do is keep looking in, and I will be able to let you all know, who’s taking bets!!!

Rachel from Bristol, it was so lovely meeting you, I am so glad our chat helped you come to terms with the loss of your adorable pet, you know he still continues to visit you, and yes you can still hear him at night trotting around your flat, of course, he is there in spirit watching over you, contact me anytime Blessings xxxxxnew secret demon 3 cover

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Feeling the pull

well you know, being a writer, and a publican doesn’t actually run hand in hand, and I am just finding that out.

Its been nearly 5 months since I last sat and wrote a blog, my mind is whirling, I have so much spinning around me, and I am
most certainly juggling many many balls.

But you know!!!! even with a new business, and all the problems, tiring hours, worry and stress it brings, I am still itching to keep writing, so much so, I have kept my ever faithful A4 writing pad in my bag at all times, and through all the long stressful months, the urge to write has kept me sane. You see I have been thinking about another book, it would actually be a preceding book, which would introduce the first book I wrote, Secret Demon, but with all that’s been going on, I haven’t had the time to sit and write it, but!!!!!! what I have managed to do is set out the template, the beginning, and of course the end, which is inevitable, and the filling along the way. Now it might be all over the place, but I have worked cleverly this time, I have learned from my last books to BOOKMARK!!! and name what I have written.

The Pub is shut now for 6 weeks for a major refurbishment, and I have time now to sit and put this little beauty together, and!! may I say I haven’t wasted too much time, so I will be able to pick up the threads I have lovingly written and sew them all together.

All I am saying really is this!!!!! writing never ever leaves you, and don’t you let it, be ready for any minuscule thoughts, words, ideas and write them down, bookmark the book, or the chapter and date it, leave your trail so you can follow it easy, and be ready to start again, after all, if silly old me can do it, so can you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the time of writing this, I have had to remove a naughty spirit from our pub. The young man has been trapped there for some time, and was unhappy, dying early, and not being able to fulfil his dreams. His naughtiness including, smashing glasses, running around the pub showing himself and frightening people, and throwing items around. Hopefully he is finding peace in his new world with the people who love him. Bye Bye Trevorx Blessings to all

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Sorry it has been so quiet lately, so much going on, and it seems that my writing has had to take second place for a while although, its never left my mind, and!!!! I am still scribbling notes, thoughts etc, as I am already thinking about a new book I want to write.

Out of the blue came a lovely surprise!! a brilliant prize worth $1,750 dollars, and a lovely certificate, WOW!!!! so grateful and very humble that at last my work ie Secret Demon has been recognized.

This has obviously given me a big kick up the backside to get going again, and I will, so!! I’ll get the new business I have been working on with my son sorted, and be back soon with more news

But for now from a very happy author bye and blessings.

Edna!! from Coventry, it was lovely meeting you on the Reiki 2 course. Thank you for your email, I am glad I could help with your noisy spirit, you know where I am if you need me XXX

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Well, the new year is here with a crash! bad weather and sudden snow bringing the Uk to a total halt for a couple of weeks. I’ve been stuck too!!

With a new grandchild, and a busy business, and now a new business project suddenly looming towards me, I have to admit, I have taken my eyes off the ball. Not like me, I have been so focused on writing over the last five years, and with six books to show for all my creative effort, I know that is no mean feat!! but yes, I tell you I am only human after all.

SO!!!! what can I do to get back on track?? I ask myself, well, for one thing, I am writing this blog. just wrote another on my facebook page as well, I have put down all the new menus, and new business information, which has been clogging my head up for months, opened a bottle of wine, and poured myself a glass, and have sat down to listen to my favorite radio station Trakzuk. Sitting with just my manuscripts on my lap, thumbing through, sighing at all the long handwritten words, which finally end up on the computer, realizing just how much work I have actually achieved, telling myself, well done, and that it was actually ok to have a little break.

I am now peaking at the awaiting skeleton of my new novel, touching the words on the page, inspiration starting to pour back into my quiet mind, and thanking the lord and universe out loud for this newly acquired skill that has crept into my life, and I suddenly realise at last, that as a writer, if you are not rich and famous like a lot of authors, then your writing has to fit around you and your life, and that actually is ok, and very normal!!!! you have to live and pay the bills somehow!

So, my lovely fizzy mind is slowly returning, thoughts and excitement of my new Secret Demon 3 flooding into my brain, what will the new cover look like, how long until it is released, will my lovely Editor and Mentor Jeff Jones like my new offshoot book Thomas Jones that he has been so eagerly waiting to get his hands on oh!!!!! so much to do and think about.

Yes the old grey matter has definately fired back up, and I am scribbling down thoughts and ideas as fast as I can, rejoicing at the renewed stimulation just writing this blog has brought, and realising that it really is ok to have a little break everynow and again.

Mary from Devon, it was so lovely meeting you at the spiritual evening last week, I am glad my little reading helped, and has put you back on track, always remember your lovely mum is with you helping you all the way, you know where I am if you need me, Bessingsxx

Until next time !!!!

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