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C L Ryan was born in the year 1959 in Bristol, England. She spent her childhood in Ireland. She was then back to England to go to primary school, she endured a turbulent and harrowing childhood, being badly bullied at school, along with a horrible home life.

purchase generic Lyrica EARLY LIFE
It was at this stage of her life, that she was found to be very good at writing stories and poems, and drawing was a favourite of her. These were all noted by her teachers.

She then went to secondary school in Bristol area. She did really well there, all but, the home life was terrible still. But very soon become noted for her athleticism, and soon became county champion in hurdles, long jump and 200 metres.

She was soon running with the big boys and girls in the athletes world, and represented her country as a pentathlete in her junior years, before breaking her neck in a car accident, which would sadly end her career early.

Cooking also became very important part of school life, and she learnt the craft very quickly, which she would use for the rest of her professional life. She was offered a scholarship at Milfield school, but her parents refused to let her go such was life.

Ryan dropped her school early to help the family. Her first job was working in the West of England. From there she switched to a nursing career, working as an operating Department Assistant. She was on the way home from the late shift, her car was hit from behind. And her neck broke. The fracture was initially missed at the hospital and her home. Only after few days it was realised that they had missed the fracture.

She underwent two years of traction at Winford hospital. After that she left with a left sided weakness. They also discovered that she had a head injury, resulting in hearing loss and slight brain damage! Again, it was missed initially.

But on she went, a strong lass, who never gives in. She was married but now divorced. She enjoyed a significant career and at 20 she was the youngest landlady in the country for a short while running a restaurant in Banwell. Making it a huge success was quickly promoted to run a pub in Clutton. She also worked for a short time in a hotel in Congresbury.
After that she worked in many catering franchises in and around Bristol, until having a pub of her own in Nailsea. Once again it was a huge success. But sadly she left it to start another business in Somerset where she is today.

Ryan is fond of dogs, all genres of music from classical to pop, and motor sports. She is a physic medium and loves to talk and write about new interests! She is also a BSAC Diving Instructor, BSAC Open Water Instructor and BSAC Advanced Diver.


  • Most frightening dive – The manacles in Cornwall, being held under the water by an underwater current at 20 metres, her and her buddy nearly ran out of air, but survived to tell the tale.
  • Best Dive Ever – Beltingly fast drift dive in Tobago called the Japanese Gardens. Brilliant!!!
  • Most Beautiful Dive – The secret red coral cave in Minorca, exiting to be surrounded by about 300 schooling barracuda. Amazing!!

Ryan is now a mother to two lovely sons and a grandmother to a 1st grandchild.